About the village of Sutterton

The area that is now Sutterton has been populated since Roman times.  In the 11th or 12th century Sutterton was founded as a separate parish with the now Anglican Church of St Mary the Virgin at its centre.  At the time of the Doomsday book it is believed that Sutterton had a small chapel as part of the neighbouring parish of Algarkirk.  Until recently, when the bypasses were put in, Sutterton was at the crossroads of two important roads.  The road from Boston, a major port in the 13th to 15th centuries, goes to Stamford and London.  The other road comes from Newark on the Great North Road, South East to Kings Lynn and Norwich.  It boasts one of the first roundabouts in the U.K. at the original junction of these two roads.

Sutterton is a friendly place in the fens with approximately 1500 residents ranging from young families to those into their 90s.  The village is well served by a Post Office.  The education of youngsters up to the age of 11 is well catered for.  The old school house, Bramble Hall, which was made redundant when the new junior school was built is now used as a nursery.  The new “Four Fields” school built in 1978 provides for the educational needs of children, years 1 to 6, both from the village and the surrounding area.

Some villages have a duck pond but Sutterton has at its centre a wildlife haven called Bell Mere Pool, an area of 1.8 acres.  In January 1978 work began to convert the space from a meadow to ponds with surrounding rough grassland where many water birds, ducks such as Mallard and various types of Geese can now be seen along with annual visitors such as Herons.  In the early summer it is a blaze of glorious colour with wild flowers.  At the moment the pond is under going some changes. 

We have a play area for supervised children which includes a zip wire and climbing frame along with the traditional swings, slide, carousel and rocking horse.

Bingo takes place every Friday at the Village Hall (part of the school) along with other events throughout the year which are advertised on the Notice Boards around the Village and on the Community Facebook page.  The Parish is kept informed by the Sutterton Community Facebook Page and also the Sutterton Parish Council Facebook page.  The actions of the Parish Council are also reported on the Parish Council Facebook page.  Parishioners are welcome to attend the public forums at the start of each meeting to give their views.  We ask for your views to be and to the point.

The Thatch Cottage sits in the heart of the village and has regular bands throughout the summer season along with a Caravan Park in the grounds.

We also have a very busy Fish and Chip shop where you can sit in and eat if you wish.