Present:                                                  Cllr. Saunby                                        Chairman

                                                                Cllr. Thorpe                                        Cllr. Sands

                                                                Cllr. Blackman                                    Cllr. George

                                                                Cllr. Ingham                                        Cllr. Baker

                                                                Cllr. Fitchett

                                                                Cllr. Spencer                                      BBC

                                                                Cllr. Cooper                                        BBC

                                                                Cllr. Brookes                                      BBC

                                                                3 members of the public

                                                                Wendy Depear                                  Parish Clerk


01/19 Public Forum

Speed watch was discussed.

Fly tipping in various parts of the village was also discussed.

Queries were also raised regarding the work required on Blows Lane.


02/19 Apologies for absence and the reasons given

Apologies were received from Cllr. Greenslade who is ill.


03/19 Receipt of declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 20111, and to consider any written requests for dispensations in relation to members disclosable pecuniary interests

Cllr. Blackman declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 16/19.


04/19 Notes of the last meeting held on December 5th, 2018 to be approved as the minutes

The following amendments were made: -

Item 146/18 is the earliest that the Wigtoft Road drainage work can be expected.

Item 154/18 Correspondence from a resident of Park Avenue was included in error as its being discussed this evening.

Cllr. Blackman declared an interest in item 162/18

It was proposed by Cllr. Baker seconded by Cllr. Blackman that the minutes be signed.


05/19 Police Matters


06/19 Viewpoints on questions from members of the public


07/19 Reports from the minutes of the previous meeting and report from the Clerk of issues arising since the last meeting

The Clerk has been in contact with Rev. Goddard and is to arrange a meeting.


08/19 Lincolnshire County Council Matters and Boston Borough – information from and for County and Borough Councillors

It is expected that BBC will have a 2.98% increase and LCC will have 2.95% with 2% for Adult Social Care


09/19 Correspondence

Tracy Wells parking outside no’s 25-30 Park venue this has been forwarded to Cllr. Brookes

SELLP - consultation on further main modifications

BBC - Electoral Register

BBC - Electoral Register update

LCC - Temporary road closure Wigtoft Road & point 750 metres North from 22/01/19 to 28/01/19

Boston Alternative Energy Facility - statement on Community Consultation

BBC - Precept for 2019-2020

Action the Clerk to complete

Playdale Playgrounds – confirmation of meeting on January 17th at 10.30 in the recreational field.


10/19 Highway Matters

Cllr. Blackman supplied a list of ongoing matters.


11/19 Speed Detection Data/ Community Speed Watch

Cllr. Blackman supplied the latest information to the meeting.


12/19 Planning

B/18/0504 Advertisement consent for 4 no. freestanding signs, 1 no. booth screen, 1 no. play land sign, 1 no. side by side directional sign, 2 no. banner units, and 13 no. dot signs at Land to the south of A16/A17 Sutterton Roundabout, Sutterton PE20 2LF

Sutterton Parish Council discussed the above application and have no objections.

B/18/0530 Erection of 9 industrial units, construction of new vehicular access, and associated parking areas at Reed Point, Sutterton, PE20 2EP

Sutterton Parish Council discussed the application and object on the access, pointing out that it is outside the village envelope, and an application that was granted on Spalding Road for units that

have not been completed.


13/19 Accounts for payment as per payment sheet 9 of 12 dated December 2018

It was proposed by Cllr. George seconded by Cllr. Ingham that the payments be made.


14/19 Parish Matters

Cllr. Greenslade who was on the inspection rota was not at the meeting but had nothing to report.

Cllr. Fitchett reported unsocial behaviour near 7, Stanley Drive.

The Clerk to inform the Police

Cllr. Baker had nothing to report.

Cllr. Ingham had nothing to report.

Cllr. George had nothing to report.

Cllr. Blackman had nothing to report.

Cllr. Sands reported that the phone box has been removed and that she had been approached regarding a resident extending their garden.

The Clerk to meet with Cllr. Sands

Cllr. Saunby has been approached by the Village Hall Committee asking if the Parish Council would donate towards the cost of alterations to the emergency exit, it was proposed by Cllr. Sands seconded by Cllr. George that Sutterton Parish Council donate £100.00.

Cllr. Baker proposed that Sutterton Parish Council give a donation to the Thistles Nursery of £66.00 this was seconded by Cllr. Thorpe.


15/19 Cllr. Saunby proposed that the meeting go into closed session this was seconded by Cllr. Thorpe


16/19 Amenity grass cutting

After discussion it was proposed by Cllr. Baker seconded by Cllr. Ingham that the tender be awarded to Dawson’s.

The Clerk to contact those who have forwarded a tender


17/19 Parish Precept for 2019-2020

It was proposed by Cllr. Saunby seconded by Cllr Blackman that the Precept be increased to £27,000.00 this was a unanimous decision.


18/19 Heads of Terms for the Lease of Accommodation within Sutterton Fourfields Church of England Primary School to Sutterton Parish Council

It was proposed by Cllr. Saunby seconded by Cllr. Thorpe that the Heads of Terms be signed.


19/19 Matters for Inclusion in the February Meeting

The Policy on Equal Opportunities – held over from the January Meeting.


There being no further business the meeting closed at approx. 9.00pm


The next meeting will be on February 6th 2019 at 7.00pm in the Community Lounge